All staff at Fescum Inc share the vision & mission statement of the agency. Fescum Inc staff  must also possess the following : Ability to withstand burn-out; willingness of staff to offer time and talent to teach, wait, analyze progress, gently correct, and encourage. Ability to teach and measure outcomes, proactive in approaching an individual with special needs; sound judgment; sense of values and principled thinking; honesty and integrity, good communication skills, ability to use good and simple English language and individuals first language, correctly keep records and complete daily documentation; absence of negative traits such as common use of profanity and curse language, outbursts for anger, racist view and free of drug addiction.


Fescum Inc employees must pass a thorough criminal background check/annual criminal background check. Our Employees are trained on CPR, First Aid and Trained medication employee.


Fescum Inc Employees will be Trained on Following
v  Employee Orientation Training,
v  Specialized Training,
v  Core Training
v  and Enhanced Training.