Fescum Inc is committed to bringing meaning to the lives of all Individuals with special needs who are often found unable to enjoy and share the same experiences as others. This commitment will extend to exploring every  possible avenue to enhance the quality of services and supports intended to make them useful members of the community. Personalized settings and person centered programs are highest on the agency's agenda. Fescum Inc intends to provide services that exceed the DDS/DMH standards.


Fescum Inc plans and coordinates these services with the sole purpose of giving meaning to the lives of individuals with disabilities and provides superior medical services that exceed the standard of DDS/DMH. Fescum Inc will help individuals understand that they can reach their full potential and individual goal with meaningful supports and positive approaches.


Medicaid Waiver/ Private Pay Accepted

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you  and please remember serving individuals is not a job but a life style.