Health care services for adult and children population,

serving individual in this population is not a job but our life style.

Fescum Inc was incorporated in Washington DC in 2011. Fescum Inc. comprises of a seasoned, dedicated and passionate group of professionals who have come together to positively impact the lives of people with any form of disabilities.Fescum Inc team truly care and have empathy with people with disabilities. We do not take serving individuals as a regular job, but as a passion, a way of life, and a call to serve. Our goal is to provide quality services to individuals in need of specialized support to return to normal living conditions and integrate into society.


The purpose of setting up a residential program for individuals with developmental disabilities is to serve the specific needs of individuals who are unable to attain their cherished goals without effective assistance and specialized training. We at Fescum Inc believe that the greatest need of an individual with disabilities is to be part of community life fully as determined by their own preferences, desires, needs, and abilities. This implies acceptance by the community that the individuals with disabilities are important and contributing members of society with rights as well as responsibilities.